What are my Northwest Indiana dog training options?

Private In-home Lessons

Many Northwest Indiana area dog owners are taking advantage of our signature dog training program, Revolution 9. This includes private, in-home lessons where we come to your home and train you and your dog. This is an excellent option for the dog owner who wants to be a part of their dog’s training.

Group Classes

Group class is where we meet with other dogs and dog owners to work around distractions, taking your dog’s obedience level to an even more advanced level. Group class is only available to those who have completed the private lesson portion of Revolution 9.

Puppy Lessons

Let us build a foundation of great manners for your puppy before any major problems start to arise.

Do I have to pay everything up front?

We require upfront payment for private dog training services. If you are purchasing a pre-trained dog, a $1000 deposit is required. Then, you will pay the balance when your pup comes home.

For all services, we accept personal checks, credit cards and cash. We are also now offering financing through Lending USA, which includes no interest if paid off in 6 months.

What are your certifications/training?

One major problem we see with dog training is that there is no governing body that regulates dog trainers. In other words, anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, and take your money, with no training, certification, or accountability. This is bad for dog owners and has led to many people being duped or unsatisfied. It is also unsafe.
We believe anyone who works with other people’s dogs, especially when it’s being done for payment, should be trained and certified. Beware of any trainer that hasn’t been formally trained and who downplays certification.

We are trained and certified (Annette Adams is certified through Sit Means Sit; Marc Adams is certified in NePoPo®) and in addition, we are consistently adding to our education and training, always working to get better. Your dog deserves that kind of commitment.

How do I get started in purchasing one of your trained dogs?

You can start by contacting us. This will give us some information about you and will help us best serve you., size, temperament, etc.).

Do your trained family dogs come with any kind of health guarantee?

We do not sell dogs unless they have been deemed healthy at the time of the sale. You will receive documentation from our veterinarian stating the good health of your new dog.

What are my delivery options?

Though we can ship your new dog to you, we prefer to have one of our dog trainers show you how to work your new dog with the various commands he/she has learned. Therefore, it is recommended that you come to the Chicago area to pick up your dog. Or if you prefer, we can do the traveling ourselves and bring your new dog to you, at your expense.

Do I need training when accepting a trained dog into my family?

Yes, as mentioned above, you need to know how to work with your dog. It is most effective when we can show you how to work with your dog and then watch you do it, so as to correct any handling techniques you may be struggling to learn.

What age of dog should I look to purchase?

Depending on your lifestyle and personal needs, dogs are supplied at various ages.

How can I contact you?

You can call us at 219-246-9717 or by filling out our online contact form.