He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthly of such devotion.

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At Crimson K9 Northwest Indiana Dog Training, we specialize in turning unruly, disobedient dogs into off-leash, reliable companions.  We provide dog owners in Northwest Indiana with private in-home dog training lessons that can transform your disobedient pup into one who obeys.

Imagine being able to take your dog with you anywhere, or being able to walk your dog without being pulled all over the neighborhood.  And you can be well on your way to that in just a few weeks.

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"When I rescued Nyx, a Husky German Shepherd mix, she was only 8 weeks old. She came to us with many pre-existing social/emotional issues due to neglect, and being pulled away from her mother too soon. Our son and daughter work full-time, and they each have their own dog, which frequently spends a lot of time at our house. Being an addition to our aging cat and the two dogs of our children, we needed to help Nyx adapt in our full house and become a healthy and happy dog. By the time I reached out to Annette, I tried every trick in the book and realized I needed a skilled and experienced professional. Within weeks Annette not only helped us become a harmonious household of three dogs and a cat, but she also taught us methods that are useful throughout  Nyx’s entire life. We are very grateful to Crimson K9 for their knowledgeable  and skillful help  in transitioning our new dog into our family. Nyx is now a healthy and happy dog in great measure due to their help. "
Agnes Sech
Chesterton, Indiana

"In the Fall of 2020, Roxy lost her adoptive sister Trixie and was struggling with adapting to being the only dog in the home.  She was chewing stuff that was not hers, would not come in the house when called and to take her on a walk was a workout.  So my boyfriend and I decided we needed to get her some training and began searching online for trainers.  Spoke to a few, but when we met with Anette from Crimson K9, she made it sound simple, she was flexible in her hours to accommodate our work and kid schedule, plus she was so patient.  We paid for four weeks up front and after each hour-long session with Annette, we had homework with Roxy that we were actually excited to do and could actually see Roxy learning.  After the four weeks were up, it was like having a completely different dog! Roxy knows how to place, sit, lay and come all on command.  On walks she is very respectful and obeys her newly learned commands and if we are just in our neighborhood, we don't even use the leash, as she understands her boundaries and commands without hesitation.  She has become so well trained, that when I went to take her to the vet for her regular check up, I forgot to grab her leash as I had gotten so used to her just walking out to the car, getting in and following my commands! Annette's training truly helped Roxy become the dog we know she is and now with her new adoptive sister Aurora, we will be using the same techniques Annette showed us with Roxy to help Aurora become a properly trained German Shepherd. Thank you so much Annette!!"

Samantha Regnier
Hobart, Indiana


 Let Crimson K9 Northwest Indiana Dog Training lead you as you improve your dog’s behavior. Sign up for a private lesson with one of our skilled trainers. We’ll work with you to teach your dog a variety of positive behaviors, including walking beside you, sitting next to you, staying off of the furniture, and coming when you call him or her. If you want to be involved in your dog’s training, private lessons may be right for you.


A dog that you can’t house train, that fails to listen to your commands, or that displays aggressive behavior is a challenge. We understand how to address these issues and transform your disobedient pup into an obedient one. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your dog’s unique needs and find a training option that best suits your lifestyle.


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  • Housebreaking
  • Real World Training
  • Balanced, Double-Reward Training System 
  • Overcoming Distractions
  • Controlling Barking Issues
  • Help with Aggressive Behavior
  • No More Chasing Your Dog
  • A More Confident Dog
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We are certified, professional dog trainers who are equipped and prepared to meet all your dog training needs. Call us today at 219-246-9717 for dog training in the Northwest Indiana area. You can also contact us on our website for more information on how Crimson K9 Northwest Indiana Dog Training can meet your private dog training needs.  

Crimson K9 Dog Training provides private in-home dog training lessons in the following areas:
Northwest Indiana, including Merrillville, Crown Point, Hobart, Valparaiso, Michigan City, Portage, Porter, Chesterton, LaPorte, Kouts, and Wanatah Indiana.