Trained Dogs for Sale

We realize that many people do not have time to train their own family dog to the level that they would like, so we have provided an alternative to allow people to have a professionally trained family and companion dog without all the hassle of going through training sessions and classes. We can do all the work for you, from finding dogs with good temperaments, training them in obedience and etiquette, and even delivering them to you.

We specialize in off-leash control, in and around severe distractions. The level of dog obedience training you can expect will be an Advanced Obedience Level, with your trained companion dog having become well-versed in the commands listed on our dog training services page.

On this website, you will find listed Trained Family and Companion Dogs for Sale that we have already trained. You simply look through our list and when you find the family-companion dog you want, contact us for more information. If we don’t have any listed, you can still contact us to see if we have any upcoming trained dogs for sale.