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We got our start in the dog training business out of necessity. We had a black lab who kept getting out of our yard and running away. Each time we would try to catch her, she would not come to us. To her, it was a game. But it wasn’t fun for us. Once, when she was running from us, she darted in front of a car and was almost hit. Thankfully she wasn’t, but we knew right then we needed to have her professionally trained. She also was a horrible leash-puller.

We began searching for dog trainers in our area. And we found none that gave us any confidence. So, we did the normal thing that any dog owner would…we started our own dog training company. That’s not too drastic, is it?

We searched online for dog training schools and finally found one we liked. And several months later, we were certified, trained, equipped, and ready to roll.

And here we are, 14 years later, continuing to grow and continuing to learn. And it’s all because we want to give our clients what they need, and more importantly, do what’s best for the dogs we train.

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dog trainers northwest indiana

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Dog trainer northwest indiana

Annette Adams

Professional Dog Trainer

Annette has been a Professional Dog Trainer since 2008, and is a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).

Having grown up on a Dairy farm, just outside of Chicago, she has been around animals her entire life. She always wanted to help dogs become better companions, and thus reduce the risks of them being placed in shelters. She has a vast knowledge in the practice of dog training, working with many different breeds and dog behavioral problems.

Annette studied under Fred Hassen’s Sit Means Sit. She later studied under Tyler Muto, one of the nation’s elite dog trainers.

Not only does she possess a strong passion for dogs and obedience training, but Annette also has a great love for all animals, and works to ensure better welfare for animals everywhere. This stems from growing up on a farm and spending her entire life around animals. From an early age, she began showing animals in 4-H. She even broke and trained her first horse at age 9.

Annette has worked with people of diverse backgrounds, from all over the world, and is a people person who enjoys interacting with others.

Annette is a talented trainer whose experience, and education have helped her not only succeed in training the average pet dog, but she has also become very effective in rehabilitating aggressive dogs.

Dog trainer Northwest Indiana

Marc Adams

Professional Dog Trainer

Marc has two decades of experience as a platform speaker and professional communicator. As his knowledge and experience in dog training deepen, that, along with his proficiency in training people, makes him an excellent coach.

His journey with Crimson K9 began on the sales and marketing side. For years, he did our consultations. He would occasionally train for clients, but most of the training he provided took place within our trained dogs for sale program.

Marc is a certified NePoPo® Gold Trainer, which involves theory and practical training, taught by two of the world’s premier dog trainers, Michael and Bart Bellon. He is also certified in remote collar training, as well as being a distributor of Martin System remote collars and other products.

professional dog trainer in nw indiana