Board and train learning heel

Before and after video of Duke, a board and train, learning heel. 

Board and Train working on his come

Duke, a board and train learning his come command.  This is his first day learning it.  He's doing very well.

Distance work

Just a little distance work outside, using come, sit and place.

Doing some distance work

Doing some distance work with sit and down.

Heel lesson

One of our clients working her dog during a heel lesson.  The dog had learned the command only minutes before. 

More distance work

Doing a little more distance work with "place" and a command to get in the car.

Overview of our Northwest Indiana dog training co

This video contains an overview of some of the commands we teach at Crimson K9.  Located in Northwest Indiana, we are changing the way people view dog obedience and dog behavior.

Koda working on his heel



This is Koda and his owner working on his heel. He had just learned it about 10 minutes earlier.

6 month old German Shepherd

This is Schatzi, a female German Shepherd.  In this video, she is only 6 months old and was still in training, but was already off leash.

Northwest Indiana Dog Training Testimonials

This video has three testimonials from just a few of the many satisfied dog owners who have worked with Crimson K9.

Some scent detection work with a Belgian Malinois

"Nitro" is a 9 month old Belgian Malinois.  In this video, we are working a little bit of obedience with him, but mainly are working with him on searching for his toy.  A good working dog with a strong drive (critical in scent detection) will keep searching for the toy until he finds it.  You will notice in the video, there were a few times Nitro lost the toy, but he kept looking until he found it.  This is what we want to see him doing!