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"I just wanted to say that l had Annette train my wild wee Cocker Spaniel, this lady was sent from heaven. My dog is so well behaved, and he walks with me, and he does not pull me down the road. He sits, stays, and l couldn't have done it without you! l highly recommend Crimson K9, thank you so much Annette!"
Gwen Koval

"Ollie was a bring home dog from my son, I wan't really looking for another dog, but here we were with this little unruly and out of control dog. We didn't know much about his history, but he was crazy. We were at our wit's end with him, he was jumping, barking, biting, not house broken, high alert and anxiety. He was a hot mess. He was one more bite away from being gone. I looked up dog trainers online, but all the trainers I saw wanted you to have a dog with basic commands and socialized. That wasn't Ollie. I finally came across Crimson, and started reading about their services and results. They seemed to fit what I was looking for. Reaching out by email to inquiry, I received a quick response. I'm not going to lie, it is an expensive decision, but the best decision for us. Ollie is now, like Annette said the difference from night to day! My husband was done with Ollie and ready to give up, but they now have a better relationship. Ollie is more relaxed, and his previous high alert , on guard attitude is totally slowed down and laid back. He listens better and follows commands. We highly recommend Crimson K9, and we now have a more controlled best friend. You really have to be committed and consistent with the training, the results are so worth it. Speaking from a pet parent that had to muzzle our dog through the first few sessions, to having a dog go to Annette for praise and muzzle free. Again, it will be the best decision you could make for a friend for life. It is training for your friend and for you too! Do it today, and don't put it off like I did, I waited too long to take action! Ollie is truly a great dog under all the past craziness. You owe it to your friend as much as to yourself. He is more confident but not dominate."  
April Beamon
LaPorte, Indiana

"I have two small dogs (a yorki-poo and a Chihuahua) who were giving my family and me fits!  Crimson K9 transformed my dogs into the perfect dogs! They now sit, come, place and off on command.  Crimson K9 corrected their problem behavior(bolting away, jumping on people and barking excessively).  I moved from a house away from a busy street to a very busy intersection, so I was concerned my Chihuahua would bolt in front of a car.  I no longer have that fear...Killer (the Chihuahua--of course!) comes on command every time!  Both dogs would go crazy when someone came to the door.  My Chihuahua and yorki-poo both sit now till I release them.  Killer will "place" on the ottoman on command and stay till released.  I have been able to use this command when visitors come.  Now he automatically goes to place when the doorbell rings.  The yorki-poo would jump on people when people came in the house.  Now with "off," she doesn't do that.  She used to bark excessively--whenever the phone rang or she heard any noise or just anytime--but that's not a problem now.  Everyone who saw the dogs before has remarked about how much different they behave now.  I had tried other dog training and not had any success with getting the dogs to stop the problem behaviors or to come on command...but this worked!!  My family has been amazed at the transformation!!!"
Tami A.
Anderson, Indiana

"It has been a little over two years since Tessa moved to Maryland and joined our family. Having three kids, I couldn't imagine a dog too.   Now I couldn't imagine our family without her. She has definitely completed our pack. Tessa loves playing ball and loves having someone with her outside. Even our extended family loves to visit her and they even Skype her. Tessa is well behaved and even goes to the office with her master.   They even use the command place for her so she sits on a chair at a desk, too cute.  We can't say enough about Crimson K9. They were wonderful to work with and went out of their way to ensure our newest addition arrived safely in Maryland. Our only regret is we didn't buy her sister too!"
The Maghari Family
 Baltimore, Maryland
"We purchased Jade from Crimson K9 in May 2012. She is a 15 month Golden. We love her, she is well trained and very loving. I could not be happier with our new family member. This dog was well worth the money. Anyone who does not want to do the puppy stages of a new pet should look no further, they will do it for you!"
Ronda Ernst
Bettendorf, Iowa

"We brought Ruby Jane home 10 days before we found out we were moving from Texas to Tulsa. Showing the house, 3 weeks in a hotel, followed by 2 weeks in corporate housing, followed by the chaos of moving into a house was NOT good for a puppy's training! We were at our wit's end. She had been to a 10 day dog training course in Texas and we had tried everything we could think of. She just WOULD NOT potty outside, would potty in her kennel and would bark and carry on like crazy while in the kennel. Thank goodness we found Crimson K9!!! The transformation was nothing short of amazing. Ruby now knows to potty outside and happily enters her kennel when we leave the house. We went from considering finding her a new home to having her be a complete part of our family. THANK YOU Crimson K9!!!!"
"Mocha has been a wonderful addition to our lives. She is a wonderful, warm, loving companion. She is very well behaved and a blessing to have in our lives. Since getting Mocha we also purchased another lab, who was not trained, however Mocha has taken it upon herself to help me teach Cori (the new lab) how to behave. So far Mocha has helped Cori with the "off" command, as well as the "lets go" command. Cori would not get in and out of a car by herself, leaving me to pick her up and put her in and out. Cori is 70lbs., so this was not an easy task. Using Crimson K9's techniques and Mocha's help, Cori, in less than one week, now knows both commands and gets in and out of vehicles all by herself. They have become wonderful friends and I thank you, Crimson K9 because you know just what Mocha means to me, as well as what she has done for me. Thank you so very much."
"We are so happy with Chip.  He's awesome, just a wonderful, wonderful dog.  We really enjoy him so much.  He has a fabulous disposition.  The groundwork you guys put in place for him was excellent.  He adapts so well to different enviornments.  He's an excellent boy; listens well.  Just an excellent dog, I can't speak highly enough of him."
"Our Golden Retriever, Lucy, rescued at one-year old, turned out to be only golden in color and in her sweet disposition indoors.  But outdoors--all bird dog, as evidenced by her natural pointing, drive and focus on birds and squirrels. We were concerned after the first week as to whether we could keep her from jumping the fence to chase wild life or ever trust her off leash at our ranch or on a trail ride.  On a leash—there was constant pulling to track birds. The second week, we enlisted Crimson K9, and with an e-collar and 4 home lessons, Lucy is amazing.  By the end of the second week, she was off leash at the ranch going on trail rides. She comes when she is called.  She knows "sit", "come", "quiet", "off", "heel" (she doesn't pull any more), "place" (where she sits on an elevated object and waits until she is released), and "go play".  She still has her drive, but with her new understanding and training, she has the freedom to follow her instincts and the ability to switch gears and pay attention to us when we ask. Without this training, I am not sure how we would have been able to make it work.  Lucy is everything we could want in a dog and part of our family."
Leslie Savage
"Annette, wanted you to know that Kaiser has progressed wonderfully and we are so proud and thankful to you both! I walked him around the park and he heeled the entire time…..no problem. I told him to sit…..down and wow! I couldn’t believe that he did just that…..DOWN and like a real PRO! I then walked all around the yard and he continued to stay in the down position, just watching me. I then told him to come and sit just before entering the front door and he did just that! I am so amazed and wanted you to know we are happy with your hard work and Kaiser’s progress."
Brenda and Clay Montgomery  

"You guys are amazing and helped our family successfully integrate Atredies into our family.  He is a LARGE puppy. We got him when he was 6 months old and 100 lbs. We took him to the vet and in the process discovered that we had to get help. He froze with terror when a leash was placed on him and when pulled he used his weight and strength to flop on his back or place his feet on door frames to avoid being taken out. Two people had to pick him up and struggle for 10 minutes to get him in our truck to even go to the vet. Then I had to drag him through the parking lot to get him into the vet office. We knew that he would get bigger and we would not be able to care for him if he wouldn't use a leash, go for a walk, or get in the car. We couldn't keep picking him up.  At 9 months and 130 lbs he is so happy and confident now. Enjoys short walks. Will get in the car. He still doesn't like the leash; but, he gets over it and we will keep practicing.  We joked with Annette that we weren't looking to get him off the leash. We just wanted to get him ON the leash!  We will recommend Crimson K9 to friends, family, and strangers."
Michelle Singer
"It's been nearly one month since Nala came home to Argentina. She has exceeded by far our expectations. We had failed to train our last three dogs even with trainers, so we had to give them away. But we did want to have a dog again; really I thought it would be impossible. I don't know how you train your dogs, but she is just perfect, so well mannered, so attentive to us and wanting to know what we want from her. Also when she is given play time she runs and plays like every dog. She gives love to all of us and we all love her. We can take her everywhere we go and she always behaves. We were not wrong when we chose your company to buy a trained dog. I don't know how to thank you. She is here with me beside my desk while I write this."
Florence Allende
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Bracken is doing GREAT! He is loving life and having a wonderful time as we explore new places.  He is a GREAT dog and I am so lucky you picked him for me.  Thank you for finding me the perfect dog - even though I know there is no such thing, I am pretty sure my dog really is!!!
Sarah G.
"A few weeks ago we purchased Angel, our 5 month old German Shepherd, from Crimson K-9. We are very impressed with how well trained and well bred she is. What an amazing dog! So protective and very sweet-natured; at only 5 months old she is completely trained! She has quickly become a much loved member of our family. We call her our Guardian Angel."
The Fong Family
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"My husband and I are so excited to have such well-trained dogs. We love having pets, but we have to have well behaved pets because of the size and age of our children. We now have the perfect family dogs thanks to Annette! They are such a joy to our family and we are so impressed with their level of obedience."
Julie Novak
"After only a few weeks of having my new best friend Eli, I was ready to get rid of him. He was out of control! I have always had large dogs as pets growing up; never anything close to the 1 pound Pomeranian that was now terrorizing my life. Luckily, I came across Crimson K9 online. They brought one of their own dogs for a free demo that blew me away. It was unbelievable. I honestly did not believe they could train Eli to do the things they demonstrated with their dog. It seemed crazy, until after my first lesson where Eli became a whole new dog. Thanks to Crimson K9 Dog Training, my out of control little pom is a quiet, calm, friendly and obedient dog. People constantly comment on how well behaved he is, and how he is nothing like the toy dogs the have come across. Wouldn't trade him for the world now, it's hard to think I was so close to giving up on him. Crimson K9 works miracles with dogs. They definitely did with mine. He now is able to go to work with me and everywhere else I go. He and I are both much happier."
Julie McKinney
"We were really wanting another dog to join our family.  I researched around 25 dog breeders and trainers on the internet and came across Crimson K9.  The first thing that drew me to Crimson K9 was how they rescued dogs, trained and rehabilitated them.  I sent an e-mail inquiry and received a phone call within a day from Annette.  She was extremely professional and thorough in finding a dog that would match our requirements and lifestyle.  "Brewer", our chocolate lab, fit like a glove instantly with our family.  From here on out, Crimson K9 will be training all of our future dogs."
Sandi Vojta
Hill City, South Dakota
"Daisy learned all of her commands really fast.  The training really helped with her stubbornness, and she doesn't jump the fence anymore...it's not a problem anymore."
LeAnn Roth 

"Before we called Crimson K9, we were looking for someone to give Gibson to. We were gonna get rid of him; we couldn't handle him.  Now he heels off-leash, he sits, downs and everything.  We trained one of our other dogs with a lady that was like Hitler!  But you guys are so easy to work with; it's been great."
Kevin O'Brian 
"Casey is such a happier dog now. She's at ease and is better with people and other dogs now. I guess all I have to say is it works!! My husband didn't think it would work, especially not in just 3-4 sessions, but it does. It really works."
Sharon Hankins

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