Annette Adams

Annette Adams

Annette has been a Professional Dog Trainer since 2008. Having grown up on a Dairy farm, just outside of Chicago, she has been around animals her entire life. She always wanted to help dogs become better companions, and thus reduce the risks of them being placed in shelters. She has a vast knowledge in the practice of dog training, working with many different breeds and dog behavioral problems.

Annette studied under Fred Hassen’s Sit Means Sit. She later studied under Tyler Muto, one of the nation’s elite dog trainers.

Not only does she possess a strong passion for dogs and obedience training, but Annette also has a great love for all animals, and works to ensure better welfare for animals everywhere. This stems from growing up on a farm and spending her entire life around animals. From an early age, she began showing animals in 4-H. She even broke and trained her first horse at age 9.

Annette has worked with people of diverse backgrounds, from all over the world, and is a people person who enjoys interacting with others.

Annette is a talented trainer whose experience, and education have helped her not only succeed in training the average pet dog, but she has also become very effective in rehabilitating aggressive dogs.