Breed: Australian Cobberdog (Small Medium)
Age: 4 months
Price: $5500 (On-Leash Trained) $6500 On/Off-Leash Trained
Potential: Family, Children, Elderly
Availability: December 2019
Spay/Neuter: Yes

MDBA Registration & Pedigree: Yes
Shipping Area: United States

Description:  "Cali" is a super adorable chocolate parti Australian Cobberdog female that has a wavy/spiral fleece coat that will be low to non-shedding and is allergy friendly (hypoallergenic). She is a very sweet girl that gets along with everyone and who will make a wonderful family dog. Both of her parents have been imported from Australia.  Cali should mature to approximately a small medium in size around 30 lbs. She will be taught the following commands: Come on Command, Heel, Place, Sit, Down, No (Verbal Correction Command), Break (release command)

What else is included: Instruction on all training commands (we teach you how to work with your new dog). Travel is NOT included.