Breed: Australian Cobberdog (Small Medium)
Age: 4 months
Price: $5500 (On-Leash Trained) $6500 On/Off-Leash Trained
Potential: Family, Children, Elderly
Availability: December 2019
Spay/Neuter: Yes

MDBA Registration & Pedigree: Yes
Shipping Area: United States

Description:  "Jax" is a very handsome chocolate parti Australian Cobberdog with a wavy/spiral fleece coat that will be low to non-shedding and allergy friendly (hypoallergenic). Both his parents have been imported from Australia. He is great with children and other dogs. Jax is an excellent family dog that should mature to a small medium in size approximately around 30 lbs, and he will be taught the following commands: Come on Command, Heel, Place, Sit, Down, No (Verbal Correction Command), Break (release command)

What else is included: Instruction on all training commands (we teach you how to work with your new dog). Travel is NOT included.